What to expect when we’re inspecting

Keeping your door inspection on schedule and on budget is a central focus of our projects. To achieve this goal, we need your help and preparation. While you don’t need a doula or inspection coach, here are some important points to help us help you.

Fire doors are located everywhere within your facility and we access all of them. Providing us with a good set of master keys and master swipe cards keeps our team moving and on schedule. The only exception is sensitive areas such as pharmacy and labor and delivery. Our team will always check in with your pharmacy staff and asked to be escorted while in that area. Labor and delivery areas also require check-in and often have alarmed doors and exits. Understanding who to call or how to defeat those alarms is a required part of your pre-door inspection checklist.

Staff Notification
In the days before our arrival, please email or notify your department heads of our purpose and process. You may want to follow with a phone call to departments such as security, emergency, surgery, and labor and delivery, as these are especially sensitive areas in your facility.

Our door inspectors occasionally encounter blocked fire doors. Each fire door must be opened and closed several times during the inspection process, which requires unfettered access. Please make a point to remove any obstacles such as shelving, couches, pallets, or anything else that would prevent us from completing your inspection.

Be Available
While we are at your facility, please be prepared to respond to any request for assistance. Sometimes even the best-made plans hit a roadblock that needs to be cleared. Providing our team with an easy communication method to contact you, such as cell phone, radio, or pager, will aid in resolving any encountered obstructions.

Understanding these important steps will ensure that your annual door inspection is delivered smoothly and without issue, allowing you to cut the cord on this project and move to your next.

Craig Stouffer, CFPS, CFI, CFPE
Fire Door Expert || info@complianceonegroup.com

Craig has inspected thousands of fire-rated doors and understands Life Safety Code better than our competitors. He uses that knowledge while working with clients to reduce the number of required fire doors in a facility, which in turn reduces ongoing fire door repairs, replacements, and inspection costs. What you get in return from Craig’s expert guidance is the ability to focus on spending your life safety budget wisely.

Craig is a recent retiree from the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety and has spent the last 30 years serving his community. With his extensive background in the fields of fire compliance, life safety, and criminal justice, Craig effectively applies his past to real experiences, helping clients across the country proactively plan for upcoming facility inspections and maintenance.