Updated Forms Available

Just to keep you informed, I have updated one of the more popular forms on my website, and I have added two new forms.

The updated form is the Life Safety Documentation Requirement list and it has some corrections that I needed to make:

  • Incorrect reference to NFPA 12A on Halon system testing
  • Incorrect frequency to generator battery electrolyte level check; Changed from weekly to monthly

And I added a few more items to the list that are required to be tested/inspected, such as:

  • Replace lead-acid batteries used for starting generators, every 30-months
  • Non-stationary medical gas booms with flexible connectors must be leak tested every 18-months
  • GFCI receptacle testing – Monthly
  • Emergency shower test/inspection – Annual inspection; Weekly test
  • Emergency eyewash test/inspection – Annual inspection; Weekly test
  • Battery powered emergency lights – Monthly and Annual tests
  • Fire drills – Healthcare and Ambulatory healthcare and Business

Also included are two new forms:

  • Receptacle Testing Form – Annual
  • Sprinkler Inspection Form – Annual

The receptacle testing form is for non-hospital grade receptacles located near patient beds or in anesthesia administered locations. I had a client that had non-hospital grade receptacles in these areas and they decided to test them rather than change them out (go figure).

Also, the sprinkler inspection form is designed to inspect sprinklers on a room by room basis, which ensures all of the sprinklers are inspected.

These updated and new forms can by found on the “Tools” webpage and are free to all to download and use.