Trash Containers with Lids?

imagesOMMZ5LLSAn off-site clinic far from the main hospital will be part of the accreditation survey. Currently they have open trash cans (wastebaskets) throughout the building. The staff at the offsite locations has been told that they need to replace all these open trash cans with trash cans that have lids. They were told this was a requirement by the accreditation organization. What do you say?

Be assured… there are no NFPA codes or standards that require trash receptacles with lids. If NFPA ever required it, they did away with that requirement long time ago. Likewise, there are no Physical Environment standards from the accreditation organizations that require lids on wastebaskets either.

Now, there may be Infection Control concerns for trash containers to have lids, but that would be an assessment made by the organization’s Infection Control practitioner. That may be evaluated by the surveyors, so it is suggested that the IC people address this where necessary. But there is no direct Physical Environment standard that requires lids on trash receptacle from a fire-safety stand-point.