Toaster Ovens

Q: Are toaster ovens with a grounded third prong plug acceptable in a hospital staff lounge? The plug should allow for any short-circuit.

A: Actually, according to section of the 2012 Life Safety Code, I believe toaster ovens are permitted in hospital staff lounges, that are separated from the corridor. The Annex section of says it is intended to permit small appliances for reheating, such as microwave ovens and toasters to be exempt from the requirements for commercial cooking equipment and hazardous area protection. But the problem with toaster ovens, is it is a perceived risk by many authorities, because one can set the toaster oven to 450 degrees and it will stay on indefinitely creating a heat source, unlike microwave ovens and even toasters that automatically turn off. So, authorities often ask the hospital if they have a risk assessment or a policy on the proper use of toaster ovens since it is a perceived risk. I think requiring the hospital to have a risk assessment or a policy on the proper use of perceived risk such as a toaster oven is a valid concern.