Strange Observations – Part 4

Deadbolt on Exit Door Web 2Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals….

This is a picture of a door to an exit stairwell. Note that there is a deadbolt lock on the door above the fire exit hardware. That is so not allowed, according to of the 2000 LSC. You cannot lock a door in the path of egress that requires the use of a tool or a key. (There are some exceptions but this door does not qualify).

Also, the sign on the door indicates it is a delayed egress lock but it says the door can be opened in 30 seconds. Section allows for a 30 second delay but only when it is approved by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).  Most national AHJs for hospitals do not approve of the 30 second delay so this is not permitted. (Some hospitals mistakenly believe that the local or state fire marshal is the only AHJ they need to ask permission, but they don’t realize that the accreditation organizations and CMS are AHJs as well.) If you want to utilize an exception in the LSC whereby it is permitted with the AHJ’s permission, then you need to have permission from all the AHJs who have authority over hospitals:


  • CMS (Federal agency who controls Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements)
  • Accreditation organization
  • State agency who license hospitals
  • State fire marshal
  • Local fire inspector
  • Insurance company

The likelihood of getting all of them to agree on an exception to the LSC is slim, if not impossible.