Strange Observations – Part 19

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen when consulting at hospitals…

Ceilings that have smoke or heat detectors mounted on them, and ceilings that have sprinkler heads have to provide a monolith barrier that resists the passage of smoke and heat. When ever there are gaps in the ceiling, or cracks wider than 1/8-inch, then that allows heat and smoke to travel to the space above, which impairs the function of the detectors or sprinkler heads.

This picture provides a two-fer: 1) The sprinkler head is missing its escutcheon cover plate, and; 2) This is apparently taken in an IT room. All of the blue data cable is creating a difficult opening to seal properly.

I’m an advocate to remove the ceilings in IT rooms so there are no ceiling tiles to have to seal. Just remount the lights to be suspended from the deck and turn up the sprinklers to within 12 inches of the deck (and use upright sprinkler heads).