Stairwell Signage

Q: I am looking for a code reference which specifies the installation height for stairwell signage. It appears that NFPA 101 indicates 5 feet above the stairwell landing but does not indicate whether it is to the top or bottom of the sign. Can you provide guidance?

A: If you are referring to the wall-mounted stair identification signs mounted within the enclosure on each landing in stairs serving five or more stories, then the mounting height is ‘approximately’ 5 feet above the floor landing, according to of the 2000 Life Safety Code. The NFPA 101 Handbook has a picture showing the 5 foot measurement is between the bottom of the sign and the floor. Since the official code language says ‘approximate’, then the 5 foot distance can be interpreted to be to the top, the center or the bottom of the sign. You should be safe with any of those measurements.