Sprinkler Escutcheon Plates

Q: Why does the escutcheon plate on a sprinkler need to be required when the ceiling is not rated and the corridor walls extend to the deck? If a basement can have sprinklers and no ceilings why are the sprinklers on the floors above required to have these plates when the ceiling is not rated?

A: The escutcheon plates are required on sprinkler heads which are mounted in ceilings to fill the gap between the head and the ceiling. Many times a sprinkler installer will use a hole saw larger than necessary to make the opening for a sprinkler head. Any gap over 1/8 inch must be sealed, so the escutcheon plate serves as a gap sealer and as an attractive trim plate. Without sealing this gap, heat and smoke will rise up above the ceiling and activation of the sprinkler head (and smoke detector, if so equipped) will be delayed. They are very important, and an easy deficiency for a surveyor to find.