Spark-Ignited Generators

Q: I have two questions regarding spark-ignited emergency power generators:

  1. What maintenance tests are required for natural or propane Generators?
  2. Are load bank test required for Natural gas or Propane gas powered generators.

A: Monthly tests, but since they are spark-ignited generators they do not have to meet a particular load. They just have to operate with the available EPSS load for a minimum of 30 minutes or until the water temperature and oil pressure have stabilized. (See section of NFPA 110-2010).

No, spark-ignited generators are not required to have an annual load bank tests. An annual load bank test is required when diesel powered generators cannot meet the minimum load of 30% of the nameplate rating (in kW) during each monthly load test. Spark-ignited generators are exempt from having to meet this requirement.

A 3-year 4-hour load test is required for all generators, including spark-ignited generators. But you are not permitted to use a load bank on spark-ignited generators. The 3-year 4-hour load test must operate using the load from the ATS. For spark-ignited generators, the load is permitted to be the available load. (See section of the NFPA 110-2010.) Load banks are not permitted for the 3-year 4-hour load test for spark-ignited generator.