Recording the Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Q: Brad, how does the date need to be recorded on the fire extinguisher tags for the monthly inspection? Does the year need to be included on the inspection tag of the portable fire extinguisher along with the month and day for each inspection?

A: Depending on which authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) is inspecting your facility, yes the year needs to be recorded along with the month and day for every monthly inspection. Joint Commission’s standard EC.02.03.05, EP 15 requires the completion dates for each monthly inspection to be documented. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the phrase ‘date’ means “Time stated in terms of the day, month, and year.” So, technically, Joint Commission is asking that the tag have the day, month and year recorded. But, usually the accreditor allows the year to be omitted as long as the tag has the year pre-printed on it.

Other AHJs may not be as lenient. Many state agency surveyors for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are asking to see month/day/year for every monthly and annual inspection (even if the tag has the year pre-printed), and a signature of the individual performing the service.

Many fire extinguisher service companies like to use a rubber stamp in lieu of the actual signature on the tag for the individual performing the annual maintenance, which is compliant with NFPA 10 (both 1998 edition and 2010 edition) on portable fire extinguishers. However, I have heard of many state agency surveyors for CMS who do not accept the rubber stamp and want a signature of the individual performing the service on each tag.

My advice is to inform the fire extinguisher service company to discontinue using the rubber stamp and have the service technician sign the tags. This will avoid any potential disagreement and squabble about what’s right and what’s wrong later when the surveyors come snooping around. It’s really all dependent on the individual surveyor.