Power Strips

Q: I read the June, 2012 article in HLSC about power strips in healthcare facilities and we have been hesitant to use power strips in patient care areas because the manufacturer’s instructions specifically spell out that they should not be used for life support equipment – and there is no way to know if the power strip will inadvertently be used for life support equipment. I would be interested in your response to this.

A: My response would be to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Your concern is valid: You purchased the power strips for a non-life support situation; then unbeknownst to you they could be moved to an area for use in a life support situation. When actual standards that regulate devices are not written, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) will resort to other sources; such as UL listings, manufacturer’s recommendations, and the risk associated with the use of the device when determining their appropriateness. It is always best to take a very conservative approach in determining the use of these (and any other medical) devices, not only for accreditation compliance purposes, but also for the safety of patients and staff.