Please Vote for Michael Crowley


Please Vote for Michael Crowley for ASHE Associate Member Director.

Michael (Mike) Crowley has been an active associate member of ASHE for over 20 years, many of which he spent on the exhibit floor representing his company. ASHE fills a great mission in the healthcare field and helps shape the future of health care design, safety, and regulations. Being nominated to run for associate member representative is an honor and Mike believes he can contribute to ASHE’s overall mission while fairly representing his fellow associate members.

Mike is also active in the NFPA code writing process as a technical committee member. He believes sharing updates to NFPA 101, and NFPA 99 at PDC and ASHE annual is very important. Educating the users and the enforcers on Code updates and intention behind the Code develops a common understanding.

ASHE Advocacy is making a major impact on harmonizing NFPA 101 and the International Building Code (IBC). Mike believes there are too many Code and interpretations, highlighting a need for Common requirements. Mike’s focus will be on the education and understanding the impact of the Codes on the day-to-day operations in healthcare facilities.

Fire Protection and Life Safety are important to the operations and accreditation of facilities. Mike’s presence on the Board of Directors will bring his experience in the Code writing process, Life Safety expertise, and a focus on sharing the knowledge, to the ASHE membership.

Mike is looking forward to being the Associate Member representative for the Board of Directors for ASHE. Please vote for Michael Crowley for Associate Member Director.

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