Offsite Fire Drills

Q: Our hospital has several “out buildings” or offsite Doctor’s offices. Are we required to do fire drills at these offices? Three of our buildings have fire alarm systems that are tested semi-annually. But we weren’t sure if we were supposed to conducting fire drills at these doctor’s offices or how often they need to be done to be in compliance?

A: Generally, yes… fire drills are required once per shift per year at offsite business occupancies, but it has much to do with your accreditor, or any other authority who enforces the Life Safety Code. Physician’s offices are typically classified as business occupancies and section 39.7.2 of the 2012 LSC says fire drills are only required in business occupancies where the building is occupied by more than 500 persons, or if there is more than 100 persons above or below the street level. So, from a LSC stand point there may be an exception to not conduct fire drills if your physician’s offices are under the 500/100 person threshold.

However, you still have to consider what your accreditation organization requires. For instance, Joint Commission standard EC.02.03.03, EP 2 requires annual fire drills in all business occupancies. Other accreditation organizations, state agencies and local municipalities may have the same requirement. So, it is likely that you do have to conduct annual fire drills.