Office Door Swing

Q: Does a corridor door that serves an office have to swing into the office? The office is on a patient floor and the door does not serve as any other type of door.

A: According to section of the 2012 Life Safety Code, the door is permitted to swing into the corridor, but during its swing, it cannot obstruct more than ½ of the required width of the corridor. And when the door is fully open (up against the wall), it cannot extend more than 7 inches into the corridor.

If the door swings into more than ½ of the required width of the corridor, then that is a problem. Likewise, if the door extends out into the corridor more than 7 inches when it is fully opened, then that also is a problem.

But the FGI Guidelines has a requirement that prevents doors from swinging into the corridor for new construction, so check with your state or local authorities to s ee if they have more restrictive requirements.