Nurse Call Station Pull Cords

Q: Are pull cords required on nurse call stations in outpatient facilities (physical therapy, outpatient surgery centers, etc?

A: Based on the FGI Guidelines, nurse call stations in hospital bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets for inpatients must be able to be activated by a patient lying on the floor. In those situations you would be required to have a cord on the nurse call station that is able to reach to the floor. But many Infection Control specialists will want the end of the cord to be about 4 inches above the floor so the cord does not become contaminated with a mop when the bathroom floor is cleaned. However, according to the FGI Guidelines, a nurse call station is optional in outpatient locations; not mandatory. So, if you had them in the outpatient locations, there would not be a requirement to have cords on them. Please check with your state or local authorities to determine if they have more restrictive requirements.