No Smoking Signs on Patient Rooms

Q. Is there a Life Safety Code requirement to post “No Smoking” signs on patient room doors where oxygen is being administered? Our Respiratory Care department insists on posting No Smoking signs on the door frame for every patient that is currently being administered oxygen.

A: Section ( for new construction) of the LSC requires compliance with NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities (1999 edition) where medical gas is being administered. Section 8-6.4.2 of NFPA 99 requires precautionary signs advising no smoking adjacent to doorways or walls where oxygen is being administered. However, the exception to this standard states that no smoking signs are not required in health care facilities where smoking is prohibited. Currently, The Joint Commission standards prohibit smoking in hospitals except for specific patient circumstances. If your organization permits patient smoking in specific circumstances, then the No Smoking signs will have to be installed where oxygen is being administered. Also, check your organization’s policies about no smoking signs. If a policy requires the No Smoking signs to be in place, then you must have them, regardless what exceptions NFPA 99 offers.