New Fire Extinguisher Inspection Frequency

Q: I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that a monthly fire extinguisher inspection shall be done within 30 days AND that there is to be a 10 day grace period… For example, If the date of a tag showed Jan.31, the next inspection date permitted would be Feb.9th?   You can write down Jan. 31 and then Feb. 1st for the next inspection. Also, If a date is written May 13th, the next date needs to be done BY June 23rd? 10 day grace period from the previous monthly inspected date. Am I wrong or confused on this, I can’t seem to find the language in NFPA 10.


A: Not every AHJ agrees on the Fire Extinguisher monthly inspection issue. Joint Commission will allow the FE to be inspected anytime during the calendar month, which means if it was inspected on January 1 the next inspection could be anytime in February including February 28. However, that also means the FE could be inspected on January 31 and then next on February 1. That is not desirable and will likely receive the attention of a surveyor.

I know CMS does not like the formula used by Joint Commission, and they will follow what the standard requires. NFPA 10-2010, section says extinguishers are required to be inspected manually or by electronic monitoring at a minimum of 30-day intervals. The Annex section for continues to say inspections are performed on extinguishers 12 times per year, once a month.

So, I can see your state agency who surveys on behalf of CMS to require a minimum of 30 days between the monthly inspections, but each extinguisher needs to be inspected monthly. So, this may be a problem for February… If the extinguisher was last inspected on January 31, then 30 days from January 31 is March 2 (or March 1 if it is a leap year). You can’t inspect it less than 30 days but you have to inspect it every month. That’s a Catch-22. Be careful you don’t get caught in that unique trap.

There is no 10-day grace period in NFPA 10.