Multiple Trash Containers

Q: We just completed a renovation of our cafeteria dining area and as part of the project an 8 container trash cabinet was built and installed in a separated area off of the dining floor. It is sprinklered and the containers are all 32 gallons. The cafeteria area is a separate smoke compartment. Is this allowed?”

A: Well, this is an interesting question. The answer is… it depends on the square footage of the trash cabinet and how it is constructed. I would say each individual 32 gallon trash container would have to be physically separated from all the others by a cabinet wall, which would create a small, individual room or area for the container. The reason for this is section of the 2000 edition of the LSC, which only allows up to 32 gallons of trash collection capacity in a given 64 square foot area. This means, if there are no physical separations between trash containers then I could see a surveyor or inspector citing you for having more than 32 gallons capacity in a given 64 square foot area. Since each individual compartment for the trash containers would presumably be less than 50 square feet in size, then you would not have any problems meeting the requirements of for hazardous areas. It is interesting to note that the exception to does allow more than 32 gallons capacity in a 64 square foot area provided the area qualifies as a hazardous area, but it is unlikely that an 8 container trash cabinet could do so. The key element in your question is the comment that the individual trash containers do not exceed 32 gallons each.