Linen Chute Doors

Q: My question relates to fire ratings of linen chute doors. Do linen chute doors in an existing structure have to be rated if the room that houses the linen chute is protected by a 2 hour wall and the door for this room is rated at 90 minutes?

A: Yes, according to NFPA 82 (1999 edition) section 3-2.4.1, the chute doors must be fire-rated in a vertical linen chute enclosure. There is no exception in NFPA 82 for the chute doors in a vertical chute that opens into a room that has the same fire resistive rating as the shaft for the vertical chute, to not be fire rated.

Section of the 2000 Life Safety Code which allows shafts to terminate in a room with the same fire resistive rating as the shaft does not apply in this situation because the shaft does not terminate at the room. It continues up through the building and extends (in part) through the roof. However, it may apply for the collection room that is at the bottom of the shaft for the linen chute, provided the room meets all of the requirements of section