Home-Made Bumpers on Doors

Q: We have metal “bumpers” (for lack of a better term) that were fabricated onsite at our hospital, that are used to keep carts and beds for damaging the doors. These bumpers are installed on fire-rated door assemblies and protrude out past the push pad of the horizontal crash bar on the door. Are these bumpers allowed?

A: No… According to NFPA 80- 2010, section 4.6.1, all devices mounted to a fire-rated door assembly must be listed by an independent laboratory (i.e. UL, Intertek, FM Approval) for use on a fire-rated door assembly. Home-made devices are not permitted. Also, the bumpers may stick out more than the maximum 7 inches allowed by section of the 2012 LSC, when the door is fully opened.