Generator Starting Batteries

Q: I’m getting conflicting answers as to when generator batteries need to be replaced. Some say in a hospital they need to be replaced every 5 years unless the hospital is a trauma center then it is every 3 years. I have also been told that it doesn’t matter if it is a trauma center; hospital or nursing home; the batteries need to be replaced every 3 years. Can you please tell me what is correct?

A: The correct answer as to how often generator starting batteries need to be replaced in hospitals depends on which authority having jurisdiction you’re talking to. That may be why you are receiving conflicting answers. The typical hospital has 5 or 6 different authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) that enforce the Life Safety Code:

  • CMS                                             (Medicare/Medicaid)
  • Accreditation Organization    (i.e. Joint Commission)
  • State health department
  • State fire marshal
  • Local fire inspector
  • Insurance company

Any one of these AHJs may have a requirement for testing/inspection/replacement of generator starting batteries that the other AHJs may not have. The hospital would have to comply with the most restrictive.

First… I cannot find any specific requirements in the NFPA codes and standards for generator starting batteries to be replaced at a different frequency if the generator serves a trauma center or not. But the hospital’s state or local AHJ may have a specific requirement that addresses trauma centers that I am not aware of.

Second… According to NFPA 110-2010, the hospital is required to replace lead-acid batteries used for generator starting every 24 – 30 months. This would be enforced by the CMS standards and the accreditation organization (AO) standards. This is found in the Annex section A. of NFPA 110-2010, and CMS and the AOs usually (not always) enforces the Annex section requirements of the NFPA standards.

I checked the 1999 edition of NFPA 110 and the Annex section in that edition recommended replacing the batteries every 24 – 30 months, so I don’t see anything in current or past NFPA standards that would support your 5-year frequency to replace generator starting batteries.

NFPA 101-2012 Life Safety Code requires all healthcare occupancies and ambulatory healthcare occupancies to comply with NFPA 110-2010, so this means all hospitals, nursing homes, and trauma centers, would have to have their generator starting lead-acid batteries replaced every 24 – 30 months, according to CMS and AO standards.

I suggest you contact the hospital’s state and local authorities to determine if they have more restrictive requirements.