Fire Rated Doors in Non-Fire-Rated Walls

Q: If a fire door is in a wall that is not a fire-rated wall, will the wall need to be brought to be a fire-rated wall?

A: No… not typically. The location of fire-rated barriers (i.e. walls) are determined by the design professional (i.e. architect) when the facility is designed and constructed. Often times, after the facility is built and operating for a few years, new locations that require fire rated barriers are identified. These could include rooms that are newly designated as hazardous areas, or perhaps a building separation from a new addition.

It is not uncommon for some design professionals to specify fire-rated door assemblies in barriers that are not fire-rated. This may be due to a building code requirement, or it may be due to a misunderstanding of the codes and standards. For whatever reason, once these fire-rated door assemblies are installed, you must maintain them in accordance with NFPA 80 which includes annual fire-door testing and inspections. But there is no requirement to designate a barrier to be labeled as a fire-rated barrier simply because it has a fire-rated door assembly installed in it. To be sure where the fire-rated barriers are actually located, refer to the Life Safety drawings and/or original construction documents of the facility.