Fire Hose Valves

Q: We recently had our fire sprinkler inspection and was informed by the vendor that with the new 2012 LSC updates, every fire hose connection valve weather it is 1½ inch or 2½ inch needs to be tested and operated annually to verify they are in working order. We have had our fire hoses removed quite some time ago per recommendation from our local fire department. Are these fire hose valves (which are not used) still required to be tested?

A: Yes… but not as you say. First of all, removing the occupant use fire hoses does not mean the fire hose valves will not be used. The fire department will bring their own hoses in to hook up to your standpipe system. Secondly, the fire hose valves must be inspected quarterly, and the fire hose valves that are 2½ inches are required to be tested annually, and the fire hose valves that are 1½ inches are required to be tested once every 3-years.

Take a look at NFPA 25-2011, section for quarterly inspections and section for annual/3-year testing requirements. Just because you removed your occupant use fire-hoses does not relieve you of the responsibility of testing, inspecting and maintaining your fire hose valves. You have them – then you must maintain them.