Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag

The picture of the inspection tag on the fire extinguisher to the left is not the greatest quality and I apologize for it being out-of-focus. I took the picture because the technicians at the hospital where the extinguisher was at only entered the month and year on the tag, rather than the month and day.

Section of the 2000 edition of the Life Safety Code requires compliance with section, which in turn requires compliance with NFPA 10 (1998 edition) Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers.  NFPA 10 (1998 edition), section 4-3.4.2 requires the monthly inspection to be recorded including the date and the initials of the person performing the inspection. The ‘date’ includes the month and day of the month.


The annual maintenance is required to be recorded which includes the date (this time the month, day, and year is required) and the initials of the person performing the maintenance. Many fire extinguisher contractors are just stamping the technicians name on the card, which is not what NFPA 10 requires.

Most AHJs are now enforcing this type of month/day documentation for the fire extinguisher inspection and annual inspection. Just punching a hole in the month and year on the inspection tag for the annual inspection is no longer enough. The month, day, and year needs to be clearly listed.