Fire Drill Devices

Fire Drill PictureTake a look at the picture to the left. Here is a container sitting on top of a desk, and it appears to be on fire. Only it is not an actual fire, but a simulated fire using lights, fans and silk. Pretty real looking, isn’t?

Jeff Clouse, the Safety Officer at Baptist Health in Lexington, KY sent me that photo with the following statement:

“For those hours between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM when I use alternate forms of notification for fire drills, I bought this device. It is a ‘fake fire’ consisting of a metal box housing, some colored lights, two small yet powerful fans and a short length of silk.  You can see the effect in the picture; employees love it and it gives me a way to more positively interact with staff members during second and third shift drills.  Sometimes I’ll set this up in an empty patient room during first shift, close the door then tell an employee I have a question about something in this room.  They then see the fake fire and I proceed to have this employee walk through our response procedure and pull the alarm.  I then observe the other employees for their response proficiency.  It’s much more engaging then a plastic fire model or red tablecloth, etc.  I just had to have this thing.”

Can you imagine the expression on the face of the employee when they first see that? I bet Jeff gets much better participation and attention during his drills than used to when he did not use this ‘fake fire’. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

Does anyone else have a picture of a device they like to use during their fire drills?