Fire Door Inspections

Q: Other than the annual fire door inspection that is required in the 2012 Life Safety Code, are there other inspections required? Fire doors that are included are also single fire rated doors in places like store rooms and maintenance shops, correct?

A: I’m not sure I understand your question. When you ask ‘are there any other inspections required?’… are you asking if there are any other inspections required of the fire doors? If so…. I am not aware of any. But if you’re asking are there any other inspections required in the 2012 LSC… then the answer is yes. If you’re asking if there are any other new inspections required by the 2012 LSC then I’ve included a list of changes required by the 2012 LSC that include these new inspections. In summary, new inspections are:

  • Monthly inspections of sprinkler pressure gauges
  • A quarterly main drain test on one system riser if the sprinkler water is supplied through a backflow preventer
  • A quarterly inspection of all fire hose valves
  • An annual fire door inspection
  • An annual test on all 2.5 inch fire hose valves
  • A 3-year test on all 1.5 inch fire hose valves
  • A 5-year internal inspection on sprinkler pipe

All fire rated doors must be inspected annually, regardless what they serve. So fire doors on storage rooms and maintenance shops must be included.