Fire Alarm Activation for Fire Drills in Business Occupancies

Q: I’m responsible for doing annual fire drills in our blood draw stations located throughout several communities. Some are in physician’s offices and some are in office buildings. I can find nothing in NFPA 101, 2012: 4.7 or in 38 or 39 New or Existing Business Occupancy. Can you help with the code requiring alarm activation?

A: Well… according to NFPA Life Safety Code, there are no requirements to activate the fire alarm system during a drill for business occupancies. Where the confusion comes into play, most accreditation organizations requires sub-stations of hospital departments to follow the hospital requirements regarding operations. The healthcare occupancy chapter requires activation of the fire alarm system for fire drills, and some surveyors likely require the same for any offsite department that is an extension of the hospital to comply. If they are requiring the fire alarm system to be activated during a fire drill for a blood draw station located in a business occupancy, that would be a mistake by my opinion. This is an easy mistake for a surveyor to make, as all other aspects of the blood draw station must comply with the hospital’s policies and procedures if it is an extension of the hospital department. So, I can see how a surveyor could expect the fire alarm system to be activated for a fire drill in an offsite blood draw station.