Eyewash Station Locations

Q: Where are eyewash stations required in a hospital/ambulatory care facility?

A: They are required in areas where corrosive or caustic materials (i.e. chemicals) are used, stored or handled and could be splashed into the eye. A risk assessment must be made to determine where (if any) eyewash stations are necessary. The place to start is by looking at the Safety Data Sheet. If the SDS says rinse eyes for 15 minutes, then that is your first clue that an eyewash station may be required. The next step is to determine if the use, handling, or storage of the material could be splashed into the eyes. Note: When you evaluate this step you have to evaluate the process as if people are not wearing any PPE. If you conclude you need an eyewash station, then it has to meet the requirements of ANSI Z358.1-2014 which means it has to be plumbed and maintained, although there are some units that are self-contained that do qualify.

It is interesting to note that blood and body fluids are not considered corrosive or caustic.