Exiting Through an Enclosed Courtyard

Q: I have an existing 3 story building in an urban environment with an exterior stair which discharges into an enclosed rear yard. The access to a public way is through an exit access passageway through the basement and up an enclosed stair to the street in front. This is very common in the city. The building is used as an ambulatory clinic (business occupancy) and the AHJ is not allowing the exterior stair to be considered an exit because of the necessity to pass back through the building. I cannot find this prohibition in the LSC but maybe there is some history on this?

A: Did you ask the inspector for a code reference? Usually, they are pretty good about sharing that information. But section 7.7.1 of the 2012 LSC would agree with the inspector and not allow the arrangement you describe. The exit discharge may discharge to an open court provided the open court provides occupants a safe access to the public way without re-entering the building. The NFPA LSC handbook on 7.7.1 discusses this in greater detail. I would say the inspector got it correct.