Exiting Through a Shell Space

Q: Where in the ambulatory health care occupancy chapter of the Life Safety Code does it permit to have a means of egress from an ASC or a suite within the ASC be through a shell space or machine room? Is this allowed assuming that the proper signage and emergency lights are in place.

A: No… The path of egress cannot extend from a corridor into a room to get to an exit. Section of the 2012 Life Safety Code does not allow this. Also, section says exiting is not permitted through a hazardous room. So, if the shell space is used for storage then you cannot have a path of egress through the shell space. In ambulatory health care occupancies, any room used for storage is considered a hazardous room.

You cannot exit from a suite directly to another room. All required exits from a suite must lead to an exit access corridor, or to a horizontal exit, or to an exit stairwell, or to a direct exit.

Now, if you constructed an exit access corridor in the shell space to separate the stored items from the corridor, then that would be acceptable.