Evacuation Chairs

Q: Are stairway evacuation chairs required in all high rises, or business occupancies in general?

A: According to the Life Safety Code, there is no requirement to provide stairway evacuation chairs in any specific occupancy, hi-rise or otherwise. However, the Life Safety Code (as well as any of the Accreditation Organizations, such as Joint Commission, HFAP, and DNV) requires you to have a fire safety plan that includes plans for evacuation. If your organization chooses not to use stairway evacuation chairs to evacuate your patients, then you must have an alternative method to evacuate patients. Incidentally, the Life Safety Code does not restrict the storage of evacuation chairs inside a stairwell, as long as it does not interfere with egress. The only place that qualifies for ‘not interfering with egress’ is usually at the top of the typical stairwell. As always, please check with your state and local authorities to determine their regulations concerning evacuation chairs.