Emergency Generator Batteries

Q: Are we required to replace the batteries that start our emergency generators every two years? Our generator service contractor told us that the code requires us to replace the batteries that often.

A: I’m not sure what code your service contractor is referring to, but I’m not aware of this requirement. Section 19.5.1 of the LSC requires compliance of section 9.1 for all utilities. Section 9.1.3 requires emergency generators to comply with NFPA 110 (1999 edition) Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems. Section 6-3.6 of NFPA 110 requires the batteries to be maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications and inspected at intervals of not more than 7 days. The annex section states that the specific gravity should be checked and recorded. I suggest that you contact your local and state authorities to see if they have any other requirements.