Door to Storage Room

Q: We have an Urgent Care facility that is classified as business occupancy. Do I need to lock the door to a storage room?

A: The Life Safety Code does not require a door to a storage room to be locked, in an occupancy classification used by healthcare providers, including business occupancy.

However, one of your authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) may require the door to be locked, depending on the risk to safety for your patients and staff. If you are accredited by a national accreditation organization, they usually have a standard that requires the healthcare provider to assess the safety and security risks in the environment to your patients and staff. Depending on the contents and layout of the storage room, there may be a significant risk to unauthorized individuals (especially children and behavioral health patients). You may be required to assess the perceived risk in all areas, including the storage room and determine the best course of action to mitigate that risk. The easiest and safest decision may be to lock the door.

Also check with your state and local AHJs as well. They may have regulations that require the door to be locked.