Door Obstructed from Opening Fully

By Brad Keyes…

Q: I need you to settle an argument for us, and your answer will settle this situation for all. We have a fire door to a hazardous room, that has lockers behind it when you open the door. The lockers will not allow the door to open fully. Since this door is not in the means of egress, is this situation allowable?

A: All doors are in the means of egress as long as you can physically be inside the room. Once you’re in the room, the door is now in the path of egress to get to the outdoors. Section of the 2012 Life Safety Code says all doors in the means of egress shall be capable of swinging from any position to the full required width of the opening. So, the door must swing open to at least 90 degrees. I would say your situation is not permitted and the lockers should be relocated to allow the door to open fully.