Door Locking Arrangements

Q: I have read your response to secondary locks on fire egress doors. ( – Two releasing operations shall be permitted for existing hardware on a door leaf serving an area having an occupant load not exceeding three, provided that releasing does not require simultaneous operations.) My question is: Are there any other references or code standards regarding secondary locks on fire/egress doors?

A: Section “Special Locking Arrangements” would apply to all doors, including fire-rated door assemblies. This section includes:

  • Delayed egress locks (
  • Access-control locks (
  • Elevator Lobby Locks (

Then, for healthcare occupancies, there are additional locking arrangements that would be permitted on fire-rated door assemblies, such as:

  • Clinical needs locks ( Permitted only for the use of securing psychiatric patients, dementia patients, Alzheimer patients, etc.
  • Specialized protective measure locks ( Permitted for locking nursery units, mother/baby units, ICUs, ERs, etc.

While all doors may not be fire-rated, all doors are egress doors and the above listed special locks would be permitted on all doors, provided you qualify for them.