Comments on Electronic Documentation From a State Inspector

I never know who is reading (or not reading) my blog, but recently I received the following comment from a state department of public health individual who inspects hospitals. He had this to say concerning my recent article on electronic documentation:

On your article for electronic documentation, our finding is the documentation will have to have  all the pertaining information required. I do not accept any electronic documentation on a survey, such as TELS, in replacement of the documentation provided by the inspection company for sprinklers, fire alarm, or any other entity required to perform quarterly, semi annual, or annual inspections. For internal items by qualified personnel such as generator testing, emergency lighting testing, emergency evacuation/fire drills or monthly smoke detection inspection/testing, I do accept electronic versions if they contain all the elements such as those you noted in your article. It has been brought to my  attention on many surveys that some of the larger facilities who work between different states are suggesting to their maintenance personnel that they do strictly electronic entries and not keep hard copy records. My response is always the same: “It depends”. Whomever is the AHJ for the locale, region, or state will be the one to make that determination.

I appreciate his insight and comments. If you similarly have comments on any of my articles or Q&As, please feel free to send me a note.