Clean Waste Containers

Q: I have a question regarding recycling containers referenced in section of the 2012 LSC. It outlines the requirements for clean recycling and patient records awaiting destruction.  Do the requirements for FM Approval (or equivalent) apply to containers less than 32 gallons or just for containers 32 to 96 gallons? The way the code reads I originally thought it was for any recycling container regardless of capacity but the way the code reads it has me thinking.

A: Section of the 2012 LSC states containers used solely for clean recyclables do not have to be stored in a hazardous room, provided it meets all of the following:

  • Containers do not 96 gallon capacity, maximum
  • Containers that do exceed 96 gallon capacity must be stored in a hazardous room
  • If stored in a hazardous room, the capacity of the container is not limited
  • Containers must meet FM Approval 6921 requirements, or equal.

So, I would say the requirement for FM Approval 6921 applies to containers with capacities between 32 and 96 gallons. Because if the container is less than 32 gallons capacity, it is permitted to be stored outside of a hazardous room (think of your wastebasket in your office) and not meet the requirements of FM Approval 6921. But a container over 32 gallons capacity is not allowed to be stored outside of a hazardous room unless it meets the requirements of And, all containers over 96 gallons capacity must be stored in a hazardous room regardless if they are FM Approval 6921 compliant.