Clean Supply Room Storage

Q: In an OB (obstetrics) supply room, can beverages such as apple juice, water or an ice machine be stored in the room with central supply items?

A: The Life Safety Code does not address this issue, and neither does any other NFPA standard that is referenced by the Life Safety Code, as far as I can tell. Since the Life Safety Code does not address this type of arrangement, then the Life Safety Code does not prevent this arrangement.

However, I believe it is an Infection Control issue. Supply rooms are considered clean rooms and must have a positive air pressure relationship with their surrounding areas, according to the FGI guidelines. Section 2.1-2.6.8 of the 2010 FGI guidelines specifically allows ice making equipment to be located in a clean supply room. Beverages in boxes, cans or bottles would be permitted to be stored in a clean supply room, provided they have not been opened (i.e. partially opened containers).

But the FGI guidelines are guidelines and not regulations or standards. I suggest you check with your infection control practitioner and discuss the issue with him/her. In my way of thinking, they would have final say on the issue since the Life Safety Code does not address the issue.