Clarification on Fire Hose Valve Testing

Q: It has been stated that Class 1 and Class 3 fire hose valves are to be tested annually by opening and closing the valve and that full flow is not required. The standpipe in this hospital is a dry manual type. It is not connected to any water source except by the standpipe connections. Does this require me to hook up to the system at the standpipe connections and fill the system? This would require me to hook up to the hydrant or have the local fire department to come out and hook to the system.

A: According to NFPA 25-2011, section, fire hose valves located in dry standpipes are not excluded from this testing requirement. However, there is no need to hook the dry standpipe up to a water source. The test is to open and close the fire hose valves… it is not to flow water. You still need to open and close the fire hose valves on a dry standpipe system.