Changes to the 2018 Life Safety Chapter

A lot has been said and written concerning the changes that Joint Commission has made in regards to their Life Safety chapter for acute-care hospitals, and for good reason. CMS has been working with the accreditor to make changes and additions to bring the LS chapter up to their expectations. So far, it has been a long and arduous project, but we now have the results of Joint Commission’s hard work: The Life Safety chapter of the 2018 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals.

Nearly every standard in the new LS chapter has received some change or addition with their elements of performances (EPs). We have compared the new chapter to last year’s version and summarized all of the changes and additions found in the new 2018 chapter.

If you are interested in reading about all of the changes in a summary format, go to “Tools” on this website, and look for the “Changes to the 2018 Joint Commission Life Safety Chapter” subheading and down-load the free 9-page .pdf document that describes all of the changes that you need to know for 2018.