Changes in How ABHR Dispensers Are Regulated

Q: I read an article you wrote on alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) dispensers for FacilityCare.  We have had a question come up about changes in the regulations concerning the locations of ABHR dispensers in hospitals; are there any changes to the restrictions?  Do you know anything about this?  It is an issue for us right now as we have a vendor installing and relocating over 500 dispensers in our hospital and need to be sure we understand the regulations correctly.

A: There will be changes on how ABHR dispensers will be regulated when the new 2012 LSC is finally adopted. The changes do not involve the elimination of regulations concerning ABHR dispensers, but the changes will make it a bit easier to have more of them in your corridors.

The changes involve the number of dispensers permitted within a single smoke compartment. Currently under the 2000 LSC, you are only permitted 10 gallons of the ABHR product in dispensers within any one smoke compartment. So, for a 1 liter ABHR dispenser, that means you are limited to 37 dispensers per smoke compartment (3.7 liters per gallon x 10 gallons = 37 liters). This means, if you have a smoke compartment that has 30 patient sleeping rooms, and you have one dispenser in each room, that only leaves you with 7 ABHR dispensers to be located in other areas of the smoke compartment. Not a desirable situation.

When the new 2012 LSC is finally adopted, the new rule will allow one dispenser per room (not limited to a patient sleeping room) to not be included in the total aggregate quantity of 10 gallons of ABHR product in dispensers, per smoke compartment. That means, in the same scenario listed above, those 30 ABHR dispensers in each patient sleeping room now do not count towards the aggregate total of 10 gallons of product in dispensers per smoke compartment, which leaves you with 30 more ABHR dispensers to place around the smoke compartment. A very much improved situation.

The new rule will also allow a total aggregate of 1135 oz. of aerosol ABHR product in dispensers, which equates to something like 63 – 18 oz. dispensers per smoke compartment. The new rule also allows ABHR dispensers in Ambulatory Care occupancy corridors (it didn’t before), but it does not address business occupancy corridors, which means it is not permitted.

My advice is add only the number of dispensers permitted under the current code (10 gallons in ABHR dispensers maximum per smoke compartment, including those in the rooms) and do not install the additional dispensers that will be permitted with the new code, until the new 2012 LSC is adopted