Trash Collection Room

Q: What if anything can be stored in a room called trash chute collection room? We have housekeeping wanting to store boxes of new waste receptacles in there. I think they shouldn’t, but I don’t know where in the Life Safety Code it discusses this arrangement.

A: The answer is found in section in the 2012 LSC, which states the room where the trash chute discharges into cannot be used for any other purpose. That tells me that you are not permitted to store anything in these rooms. The discharge room is required to be treated as a hazardous room so it would be required to be sprinklered and 1-hour rated if new construction or renovation.

Even though the room looks attractive for use as a storage room, do not allow the room to be used for anything other than trash collection from the chute discharge. However, that would allow you to have PPE items placed in the room, such as a box of latex gloves or an apron if the workers removing the trash from the room wanted to wear latex gloves or an apron. Those items would be considered “for the purpose” of the room.