Soiled Linen Containers

Q: We have a long-term care facility and want to know if we can place soiled linen containers in dining rooms and activity rooms?

A: From a Life Safety Code point-of-view, as long as the capacity of the individual containers does not exceed 32 gallons and there is no more than an aggregate total capacity of soiled linen containers of 32 gallons in a 64-square foot area, then yes this would be permitted. This means each individual container cannot be more than 32-gallons capacity, or the container has to be stored in a hazardous room. Also, the accumulated capacity of soiled linen containers cannot exceed 32-gallons in a 64-square foot area. So, if the soiled linen contain capacity is 20-gallons, then that would be permitted to be stored outside of a hazardous area; but two 20-gallon capacity soiled linen containers stored side-by-side would not be permitted because that would exceed the 32-gallons accumulated capacity in a 64-square foot area.

But check with your Infection Control practitioner to see if there are any IC regulations that would prohibit soiled linen containers from being stored in a dining room or activity room.