Laundry Policy

Q: Do hospitals and nursing homes need to have a Laundry Policy? If so, what should the policy cover and what specific information should the policy contain?

A: From a Life Safety point of view, policies on subjects such as laundry are left up to the organization. The accreditation organizations (i.e. Joint Commission, HFAP or DNV) do not have a requirement for a policy on laundry, as far as I know. There is no Life Safety Code requirement to have a policy on laundry. Where your accreditation organization may hold you accountable for a policy on laundry is when there is a risk to safety and there is no other documentation concerning the mitigation of that risk. Having a policy is one form of risk assessment. So, while there may be no Life Safety Code requirement for a policy concerning laundry, it probably is a good idea to have one to identify any risks and how you will mitigate them. Otherwise, a standard risk assessment would be an acceptable alternative.