Air Handler Unit

Q: Can we have a fan unit installed in a clean supply room? We have a room where an air handler unit is installed for cooling another equipment room. The unit is in the open and clean supplies are near it. Is this a violation of a code or standard?

A: Sounds like the room is now a mechanical room with clean supplies in it. As far as the Life Safety Code goes, and any referenced NFPA standards, I don’t see a problem. You must maintain 36-inches clearance around the equipment and have clear access to the unit. All electrical connections need to be enclosed (inside junction boxes, etc.).

If the clean supplies are combustible, then the room must be constructed to be a hazardous room. Check with your state and local AHJ to determine if they have any other requirements.

Clean Supply Room Storage

Q: In an OB (obstetrics) supply room, can beverages such as apple juice, water or an ice machine be stored in the room with central supply items?

A: The Life Safety Code does not address this issue, and neither does any other NFPA standard that is referenced by the Life Safety Code, as far as I can tell. Since the Life Safety Code does not address this type of arrangement, then the Life Safety Code does not prevent this arrangement.

However, I believe it is an Infection Control issue. Supply rooms are considered clean rooms and must have a positive air pressure relationship with their surrounding areas, according to the FGI guidelines. Section 2.1-2.6.8 of the 2010 FGI guidelines specifically allows ice making equipment to be located in a clean supply room. Beverages in boxes, cans or bottles would be permitted to be stored in a clean supply room, provided they have not been opened (i.e. partially opened containers).

But the FGI guidelines are guidelines and not regulations or standards. I suggest you check with your infection control practitioner and discuss the issue with him/her. In my way of thinking, they would have final say on the issue since the Life Safety Code does not address the issue.