Fire Extinguisher Signs

Q: I was wondering if there was a specific regulation that states exactly where fire extinguisher signs need to be located. Is there a difference between patient area and staff area? Looking over the new Life Safety Code regulations I have not been able to get a specific answer on where signage location is mandatory.

A: The only thing I can find is section of NFPA 10-2010, which says where visual obstructions of fire extinguishers cannot be completely avoided, means shall be provided to indicate the extinguisher location. The Annex section says acceptable means of identifying the fire extinguisher locations include arrows, lights, signs, or coding of the wall or column.

 So, while there is no direct requirement to install signs over fire extinguishers, you may do so. However, be aware: Some AHJs will expect signs identifying the locations of all extinguishers once you start using signs. Their logic is, if you use signs to identify the location of some extinguishers, then your staff will expect to see signs for all extinguishers.

The AHJs do have the right to interpret the code as they see fit. I suggest you ask your AHJs to see if they would require all of the extinguishers have signs.

Fire Extinguisher Signage

Q: I have a question regarding fire extinguishers. We have our extinguishers located in cabinets that are flush with the wall. Is it required to have signage above the extinguisher?

A: No, it is not. The 2000 Life Safety Code requires you to be in compliance with NFPA 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers, 1998 edition, and section 1-6.12 of NFPA 10 requires fire extinguishers that are mounted inside a cabinet or wall recesses, must be marked conspicuously. A sign mounted on the wall above the fire extinguisher cabinet is certainly a conspicuous marking, but it is not the only marking that meets the requirements of 1-6.12. A red dot on the floor or on the ceiling is also a conspicuous marking as well. If the fire extinguisher cabinet is lettered with the words “Fire Extinguisher”, then that qualifies as a conspicuous marking. If the authority having jurisdiction does not believe that lettering on the outside of the cabinet that says “Fire Extinguisher”  meets the requirements of 1-6.12, then you need to negotiate with them and try to get them to understand that it does meet the requirements of NFPA 10. Otherwise, you need to comply with what the AHJ interprets.

Fire Extinguisher Signs

Q: During a recent survey we were almost cited because one of the fire extinguisher signs was on the front of the fire extinguisher cabinet and the rest were above the cabinets. The surveyor warned us that all of the signs needed to be the same. Is that true?

A: Well, I’m glad the surveyor did not cite you for this. If he/she had, you could have easily appealed this away after the survey. The 2000 edition of the LSC requires compliance with NFPA 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers (1998 edition). Section 1-6.12 of NFPA 10 says fire extinguishers mounted in cabinets or wall recesses must be placed so that the fire extinguisher operating instructions face outward. The location of such fire extinguishers must be marked conspicuously. Section 1-6.6 says extinguishers should not be obstructed, but if they are then ‘means shall be provided to indicate the location’ and the Annex portion of 1-6.6 describes acceptable means, such as arrows, lights, signs, or coding of the wall or column. Nowhere does it say all of the fire extinguishers have to be marked the same way or method. Now, I’ll admit that it is obvious to me that they all should be marked the same way for continuity purposes, but I do not see where the standard requires that. Therefore, based on your comment that the surveyor ‘almost’ cited you but did not, indicates to me that he/she felt the same way that I do that the extinguishers should be marked the same way, but it is not a standard requirement, therefore no citation was made. So, no the extinguisher cabinets don’t have to be marked the same way, but it sure makes sense to do so. I suggest you have someone correct this so they all are marked the same way.