Building Maintenance Program

Q: We currently have a Building Maintenance Program (BMP) that surveyors said was a good program during recent surveys. However, I’ve learned that the Joint Commission no longer offers scoring advantages for a BMP, and since this program requires quite a bit of time and resources, my VP wants us to discontinue it. Are there any advantages to continuing a BMP even though the surveyors no longer will offer scoring breaks?

A: The Overview of the Life Safety Chapter to the Joint Commission 2009 Hospital Accreditation Standards manual explains the changes to the BMP. You are correct when you say they no longer offer scoring advantages for a successful BMP. However, that is not a good reason to discontinue a BMP. There are many advantages with a BMP that should not be overlooked:· A successful BMP routinely conducts inspections of critical life safety features of the facility. This is a large part of a Life Safety Assessment, which you are still required to do. · Deficiencies found during a BMP should be immediately resolved, or if they are unable to be resolved immediately, then they can be managed through the Statement of Conditions Plan for Improvement (PFI) list. This allows management of a deficiency that may not otherwise be discovered until a survey.· A BMP provides education and staff knowledge of the building’s life safety features to those individuals who perform the inspections. This translates into pride and ownership by those individuals and will pay off in years to come.· A successful BMP provides confidence for the facility manager (and the VP) that the building is in compliance with the Life Safety Code, and is ready for an inspection. My advice: If you currently have a BMP, continue it. If you do not currently have a BMP, start one.