Bulletin Boards in Corridors

Q: What, if any, are the limits on bulletin boards in a means of egress corridor? I have managers who want to place large quantities of paper on their bulletin boards in their corridors.

 A: There are limits in regards to the way the bulletin board is used. First, you have to determine if the bulletin board is used to display combustible decorations or just business papers. If it is used for decorations, then 18/ applies, which says combustible decorations such as photographs and paintings in such limited quantities that a hazard of fire development is not present, are permitted. So, a bulletin board with paper decorations is a judgment call by the AHJ. Will it contribute to the spread of a fire? I suggest you go conservative on this, and request a ruling from your local fire marshal. On the other hand, if the bulletin board is used for business paper (memos, notices, etc.) and not for decorations, then the LSC is rather silent on the subject, when used in healthcare occupancies. I suggest you again consult with your local AHJ and request a ruling. In lieu of a direct LSC requirement, if the local AHJ permits the bulletin board to remain, then other AHJs should respect that.