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Temporary Storage During Construction

A client of mine contacted me last week and wanted to know if they could temporarily store combustibles in a patient room that is currently under renovation. Apparently the suite where the patient room is located is undergoing a facelift, involving wall coverings and floor coverings, and the patients have been relocated. I don’t know more »

Interior Discharging Stairwells

Today, I was reviewing a Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) equivalency request on behalf of AOA/HFAP, and the requester wanted an equivalency for an interior discharging exit stairwell, because it did not discharge into an exit passageway, but discharged into a common corridor. I sent the requester an email asking if the stairwell qualified for the more »

Card-Swipe Reader on Access-Control Locks

Q: Regarding a recent question on access-control locks, you said the egress side of the door is required to have motion sensors and a wall-mounted “Push to Exit” button. Does it make any sense to have a card-swipe reader on the egress side of an access controlled door? Wouldn’t the motion sensor on the egress more »

Fire Alarm Systems

Q: Our hospital has an outpatient clinic attached via a hallway and connected to the hospital directly. When I am in the out-patient clinic you cannot hear the fire alarms going off in the hospital. Do the systems need to communicate? They are currently on 2 different systems. A: No… the two systems are not more »