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Hole in the Wall

Q: I have a surgery suite that had a hole punched into the wall by the door knob. Is there anything in LSC that states ” if a hole is made in a surgery wall the drywall needs to be replaced from stud to stud”, not just repair the hole? A: No… The LSC does more »

Usable Space in an Exit Enclosure

Q: We have an enclosed room in an exit enclosure that is being used as a classroom. I’m using NFPA 101, 2015 LSC, section Usable Space. Is this a code compliant arrangement? A: It depends…If the enclosed room is separated from the exit enclosure with fire-rated construction equal to the stairwell, and if the more »

Compliance One Presents Keyes Life Safety Boot Camp – February 7 & 8, 2019

Understand practical applications of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code®! Learn from a Life Safety surveyor on what to prepare for during surveys! A 2-day Boot Camp on the comprehensive examination of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code®, as it applies to healthcare organizations; presented by Keyes Life Safety Compliance, LLC and Compliance One. Date: more »

Season’s Greetings!

 Click on this link for a special Season’s Greetings video from Keyes Life Safety…  http://keyeslifesafety.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Seasons_Greetings.mp4  

Fire Hose Valves

Q: We recently had our fire sprinkler inspection and was informed by the vendor that with the new 2012 LSC updates, every fire hose connection valve weather it is 1½ inch or 2½ inch needs to be tested and operated annually to verify they are in working order. We have had our fire hoses removed more »

Door Frames

Q: I had an independent Life Safety inspection and during the inspection the inspector cited me for my 2-hour fire door frames not having a fire rating visible. I explained that we went to a fire rated continuous hinge on these doors that covered the labels. He said that that was not enough, he needed more »

Patient Therapy Artwork: Decorations vs. Communication

Q: You once said this regarding bulletin board decorations: If the bulletin board is decorated then yes; it is counted as decorations. But if the bulletin board is simply communication documents, then they are not decorations (even if they are combustible) and they are not counted in the wall surface calculations for decorations. I would more »

Strange Observations – MHO Rod

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals… We already talked about this issue on ‘Strange Observations – Part 20’ posted April 5, 2018, but it’s worth revisiting. You cannot have home-made components installed on the fire alarm system. The threaded rod is not UL listed for this more »